At the Bio-Optimize Summit, You’ll Learn:

Meet Your Summit Host Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Amie Apigian, MD is a Board-Certified Preventive Medicine and Functional Medicine physician with a double Masters in Biochemistry and Public Health.  She currently resides in Temecula, CA where she practices Addiction Medicine, is medical director of NAD Treatment Center and runs a concierge medical practice focused on optimizing the biology of the nervous system through the use of cutting edge approaches including peptides, NAD, ketamine, somatic trauma therapies and functional medicine principles. She founded Trauma Healing Accelerated and Family Challenge Camps to expand her  work with individuals and families to accelerate the healing journey from trauma and attachment issues. By working with the biology and helping rewire the nervous system for connection, safety, and growth, she helps her patients and clients move from attachment and trauma to their best health and their best selves.

She is so excited to bring together these leading experts in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness to help you reach your next level of optimization. Her inspiration for this Bio-Optimize Summit is knowing first hand how life’s challenges impact the nervous system and then result in physical, mental and emotional compromises. She has been challenged through adopting a foster son, experiencing sports fractures and concussions, perfectionism and work burn-out, and has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue with high autoimmune markers. Not willing to accept limiting factors for her son and then herself, she found new ways to work with the body to optimize the nervous system and its rewiring to allow new levels of health and aliveness than ever before. She is excited to share this information on what targeted and intentional bio-optimization of the nervous system can do for you.

When not doing what she loves with her work, she’s usually biking, rollerblading, traveling the world with her sister, or building her Ranch and Treatment Center in Central Mexico.


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Ryan Lester

Losing Your Breath: How to Use Breathwork to Track Vital Signs & Optimize Your Health

  • The best way to breathe to maximize energy and mental focus 
  • How to measure heart rate variability (aka a Strong Indicator of Longevity)
  • How to track your biology to optimize your overall health

Dr. Christina Bjorndal

From Shadows to Light: Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness

  • Lessons learned from a lifetime of bipolar disorder
  • How to move beyond a label or diagnosis
  • Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual approaches to mental health

Dr. Amber Krogsrud

The Power of Peptides: How to Boost Your Energy & Optimize Sexual Experience

  • How to feel and look healthier and younger
  • How to use peptides to boost vitality 
  • How NAD+ therapy can help optimize your energy & sexual experiences

JR Burgess

How To Have It All! (Yes, Really): Creating Your Dream Life Without Burnout

  • How to incorporate functional medicine and coaching into your practice
  • How to enhance physical results without burnout
  • How balance helped JR move beyond a debilitating injury

Brenda Knowles

Living A Big, Bold, Beautiful Life As An Introvert

  • Everything introverts need to feel safe and comfortable in personal relationships
  • How to identify and honor your body’s needs as an introvert
  • How to love an introvert – how to be a better partner, friend, or family member

Bo Eason

Physicality Speaks Louder Than Words: Becoming One That Others Cannot Look Away From

  • How this former NFL player turned into the “speaker to the stars”
  • How to tell your own story as an entrepreneur, coach, or speaker to captivate an audience
  • How to use the power of storytelling to capture a broader audience

Dr. Patrick Porter

Harnessing the Power of Light and Sound To Reduce Stress, Correct Chemistry and Optimize Your Brain Waves

  • Learn all about Dr. Porter’s program, Brain Tap 
  • Identify the different brain waves, when we need them, and how to achieve them
  • How to “hack” your brain to be as efficient as possible

Dr. Datis Kharrazian

The Inflamed Brain: How to Manage Autoimmunity Naturally

  • How to identify the symptoms of inflammation in the brain
  • The root causes of inflammation and how to prevent them
  • Why inflammation in the brain is so dangerous to every area of your health

Dr. Ken Starr

What My Toughest Patients Have Taught Me About IV Therapy, NAD+, And Ketamine For Optimal Wellness

  • How NAD+ can help addicts and those seeking to boost longevity
  • Is NAD+ therapy for me? How to determine if it will help your condition
  • What should people expect when coming in for NAD+ treatmen

Jessica Sherman

Foods That Nourish Your Kids Brains and Have Them Love What You Cook

  • How to help your child build resilience through nutrition 
  • Food: Then vs. Now – Why today’s nutrients aren’t what they used to be
  • When is food enough, and when should you reach for supplements?

Ben Greenfield

How to Use the Power of NAD+ to Optimize Physical & Mental Performance

  • What exactly is the science behind NAD+ therapy?
  • How to use NAD+ to optimize physical and mental performance
  • When is NAD+ not the answer?

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

Why most therapy doesn’t work: Real psychological solutions

  • A psychologist’s #1 MOST effective approach to therapy
  • How to optimize the effectiveness of all kinds of therapy
  • The eight pillars to strong mental health

Leah Lund

My Journey Through Cancer: Training The Mind to Maintain Health, Energy and Joy

  • How to rewire your brain to handle stress with ease
  • How to overcome cravings with minimal effort 
  • How these techniques worked in real life to heal Lund’s breast cancer

Tara Hunkin

The 5 Tools Needed For Your Child To Thrive With Sensory and NeuroDevelopmental Issues

  • How to use sensory processing to enhance physical and mental development
  • How to optimize your child’s learning with autism, ADHD, or other neurological disorders
  • How to help your child remain grounded and healthy

Dr. William Pawluk

From Injury to Recovery: How Electromagnetic Fields Optimize Tissues And Cells

  • PEMF: the science and uses for optimal health
  • How to use PEMF devices for different injuries and disorders
  • Why PEMF therapy is so effective at repairing tissue when other methods fail

Dr. Hyla Cass

Secrets to Optimizing Mental Health with Amino Acids and CBD

  • The root causes of mood disorders and how to prevent and minimize their impact in your life
  • How to end your dependence on mood medications with CBD
  • How CBD can boost mental health and provide relief for anyone

Luminara Serdar

Your Blind Spot: How Drainage And Muscle Testing Impact Healing

  • Why and how lymphatic drainage is the #1 most overlooked component of healthy living
  • How to optimize drainage to reduce toxins & improve immunity
  • How muscle testing can tell you if your body is retaining fluids and toxins

Dr. Matthew Cook

BioReset: Cutting-edge Techniques To Reset The Nervous System For Pain, Mood, and Addiction

  • Why Dr. Cook LOVES biohacking (especially when it comes to the nervous system)
  • How to incorporate NAD and peptide therapy into your care plan
  • How to reverse addiction with alternative treatments

Dr. Aline LaPierre

Touch: The Language of Tenderness and What Happens When It Doesn’t Feel Safe or Enough

  • The language of touch for authentic communication
  • How touch and connection in childhood impact our relationships into adulthood
  • How to move past trauma with healing therapeutic touch

Susan Braton

Your Best Sex Life: Improve Your Relationships, Create a Lasting Connection & Find Your Ultimate Pleasure

  • How to optimize your sexuality to get what you want and need from your partner truly
  • How to connect authentically within romantic relationships (and why a connection is the most important part of sexual compatibility)
  • How to feel pleasure, fulfillment, and bliss every single time

Reed Davis

Coach Me Up: How A Health Coach Takes The Guesswork Out Of Thriving

  • How a coach can fill in the gaps your doctor can’t reach
  • How a coach can help boost the effectiveness of both your medical team and your long-term health goals
  • Why your doctor will NEVER be enough to keep you safe and well

Dr. Heather Sandison

Upgrade Your Brain: Your Best Tools to go from 1 to 100

  • What we can learn from Alzheimer’s patients about brain health
  • Specific, highly actionable ways to reduce your brain age
  • When to turn to supplements & peptides to boost brain health

Dr. Neil Nedley

Surprising Methods To Brain-Optimization: Lessons Learned From Med School Students

  • How to optimize your brain functions to enhance your memory, mood, and success 
  • Practical ways to work through depression & anxiety 
  • How to help your kids get the most out of homeschooling (traditional schooling)

Irene Lyon

Reverse Engineering Trauma Healing: What Your Environment Can Teach You About Recovery

  • How stress and trauma are stored in the body through cellular memory
  • Why our physical reactions to trauma are predictable (and how to use this predictability for healing)
  • The RIGHT kinds fo therapies to heal from emotional and physical trauma

Dr. Richard Hart

From Farming To Multi-Corporation President - How to Build a Life of Peak Performance

  • The president of multiple corporations teaches you his secrets of success 
  • How to thrive and build your ideal life (regardless of your beginnings)
  • How to create and maintain an ideal health schedule to stay healthy and stress-free while busy

Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Why Can’t I Relax?! The Inner Conflict That Keeps You Stressed ALL THE TIME

  • The powerful combination of somatic & parts work that creates inner peace and balance
  • How to become aware of (and work with) your body without judgment 
  • How to take your natural trauma response and apply it to non-traumatic situations

James Maskell

It Takes A Village: Why Community is the Missing Link to Bio-Optimization (& How to Build a Community You Love)

  • Why community is the BIGGEST predictor for a healthy life
  • How medicine can focus more on community engagement and interaction to help patient outcomes 
  • How to create a thriving community from scratch

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

Your Incredible Pelvic Microbiome & It's Amazing Effect on Sexual Health & Fertility

  • The effects of your microbiome on your pelvis health 
  • How your gut health and sexual health are inextricably linked (for both men and women)
  • How to prevent UTIs and bacterial changes with proper microbiome care

Katie Kimball

Kids in the Kitchen: Empowering Your Kids to Find Self-Esteem & Life Skills Through Cooking

  • How to incorporate your kids into the meal planning and cooking process
  • Why having autonomy in the kitchen can lead to higher self-esteem and improved family dynamics
  • How cooking can help your kids build essential life skills

Wade Lightheart

How to Optimize Your Nervous System With This Stress-Reducing Nutrient

  • The link between magnesium and a healthy, functional gut
  • The cellular secret that’s currently keeping you sick
  • How to plan and implement a total gut reset

Dr. Michelle Quirk

Optimizing Life for the Busy Professionals: Why This Pediatrician Got A Coach and Started Running Marathons

  • How running marathons can help you manage stress & create a more positive outlook, regardless of your circumstances
  • The power of coaching in all areas of your life (regardless of your fitness or training level)
  • How to begin a running practice of your own

Ryan Smith

How Old Are You Really? How To Objectively Measure Your Biological Age

  • How to measure your EXACT cellular age
  • What to do if (gasp!) your cells are older than your biological age
  • How to stay as healthy and young as possible (despite your actual age)

Rebecca Blust

Challenging Times Don't Have To Break You: How to Handle Every Obstacle with Grace and Sanity

  • How to get through the challenging times in life with grace and dignity
  • How to recognize negativity and move past it without being emotionally affected by it
  • How to find a deeper meaning from trauma, pain, and adversity

Dr. Joel Warsh

How To Optimize Your Newborn for Its Best Health and Life (Including pre-pregnancy!)

  • What you should be doing RIGHT NOW to help your newborn baby thrive
  • Lessons from a pediatrician on what not to do for a healthy, well-adjusted child
  • How to give your baby the best start for a happy, healthy life

Nathan Crane

How to Reverse Cancer: The 5 Pillars to Healing Yourself From Within

  • How to reverse and prevent cancer: lessons learned from Crane’s grandfather
  • The 5 easy-to-follow steps to heal your body (regardless of your illness or disease)

Dr. Laurie Goldman

The Journey to Your Authentic Self: Using Functional Psychiatry to Find (& Embrace) What Truly Makes You Happiest

  • The benefits of functional medicine in psychiatry for both mood and mental health
  • How to find the root cause of your symptoms 
  • How to heal yourself WITHOUT medication and with few to no side effects

Winston Ibrahim

The Power of Biohacking: A Real Life Case Study on Boosting Your Creativity and Productivity

  • How Ibrahim took a novel approach to entrepreneurship to get the most out of his brain and productivity
  • What it looks like to bio-hack your own life from the ground up
  • How to become the most creative person you know

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Dr. Keesha Ewers

The Autoimmune Personality: How to Work With Your Autoimmune Personality Traits to Heal and Thrive

  • All about autoimmunity – how to understand your autoimmune disorder
  • How autoimmunity affected your self-worth and mood
  • How to reverse autoimmunity for a healthier, happier life

Ryan Lowery

The Benefits Of Keto Beyond Weight Loss: How Ketosis Impacts Your Brain, Your Cells, and Even Your Lifespan

  • Why most people do keto wrong (and how to find out if you’re making the biggest keto mistakes) 
  • Sustainable ways to practice a ketogenic diet long-term
  • The surprising benefits of ketone (they’re not just for your brain)

Dr. Molly Maloof

Sugar: The Potent Killer of Energy and How to Optimize Your Mitochondria

  • Why your sugar level markers are so important for understanding your long-term health 
  • How to minimize stress and maximize energy through drainage
  • Why you feel so depleted of energy all the time

Optimizing Mitochondria and Energy

How to Reverse Cancer: The 5 Pillars to Healing Yourself From Within

  • Coming Soon

Dr. Catherine Clinton

The Secrets of Psycho - neuroimmunology: How to Recognize, Prevent and Reverse the Effects of Stress and Trauma

  • How your stressed out body is making you physically ill
  • How to create a strategy to avoid the chronic long-term effects of stress on the body
  • The mind and body connection – how your thoughts and cellular responses are correlated

Mark White

How Males Can Have Their Best Sex After 40 with Sound Wave Technology

  • What do sound waves have to do with erectile dysfunction? (And why should you care?)
  • How to optimize your sexual experience with non-invasive changes
  • How to take your sex life from good to great!

Dr. Kellee Rutley

TOTAL Life Rest: From Boredom to Weight Loss and Career Goals, Learn How to Overhaul Your Life to Become Who You Know You Were Meant to be

  • How to permanently end the yoyo cycle of weight gain and weight loss
  • The powerful secrets to sustainable (and lasting) weight loss for women
  • Why diet and exercise are NOT enough to move the scale

Dr. Christopher Shade

The Goldilocks Approach to Cellular Regeneration: Why Your Timing, Delivery, and Strategy for Supplements Needs to be JUST RIGHT.

  • How to go from good to great results with intentional timing and delivery of supplements (it makes a huge difference!)
  • Which supplements to take to achieve and accelerate results in trauma and emotional work
  • Which of your supplements are a waste of money and water

Suzie Senk

To Sleep, To Dream, To Heal: How to Sleep For Optimal Living

  • How to get the BEST sleep of your life (every single night)
  • How to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake rejuvenated 
  • How to get the right length and number of REM cycles for total restoration

Dr. Elisa Song

COVID and Cell Danger Response: Intentional Optimizing To Prevent Post-COVID Syndrome

  • Lessons from a mother who had two children with covid (at the same time!)
  • How to prevent long-term post-covid effects
  • How to prepare your family for the scary potential illness

Optimizing Mitochondria and Energy

How to Reverse Cancer: The 5 Pillars to Healing Yourself From Within

  • Coming Soon